CFDE Proposal

CFDE Proposal:

For the 2015 Fall Semester, English 181 course “Intersecting Literacies: Iraqi and U.S. Narratives Following the War”, the instructor respectfully requests funding from Emory’s Classroom Mini-Grant Fund to defray the costs of taking the students in this section to visit the Georgia War Veteran’s Memorial Complex and provide a lunch for the outing. The excursion will provide a chance for me to lecture, on site, about the changing face of foreign war in the American media. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity for the class to discuss memorial and sculpture as extra-textual mediums of artistic and rhetorical expression and allow students who wish to investigate these multi-modal genres as part of their research project a concrete starting point.

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  1. Dave says:

    Fantastic idea. I’d cut the “respectfully-requests” language/tone and provide a more detailed description of the course (theme/line of inquiry) and especially the assignment this visit might inform.


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